spread love for good design

It seems architects these days are scrambling to objectify their work and services in order to gain more work and stay in business. The question is always “why hire an architect” forcing us into a tired rhetoric of a defensive nature. Recently I read an article titled “Spread Love for Good Design” in Residential Design+Build Magazine by Luis Jauregui, AIA that captures the benefits of architects unapologetically. For once an architect doesn’t try to defend his turf. He eloquently states there is a subjective quality to an intangible benefit. It is a refreshing point of view in a profession forced to dig in its heels in order to stay relevant. I hope you enjoy the article, and I hope you hire an architect.

Spread Love for Good Design.

photo is from vinnie bezoomny photostream on Flickr (used under the Creative Common License)

spread love for good design

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