calisti-outdoorI am an architect seeking to reach out to the community and have a conversation about architects and architecture. I feel the best way to educate people about architects is to talk about it in a simple frank manner, like I am having a conversation.

Architects tend to think about things differently than most people. What we are passionate about or what we notice is often unique to ourselves. The way we work and approach problems is partially rooted in our education, but I believe more in our personalities. Therefore, we are often misunderstood. My goal is to share my thoughts and invite the thoughts of my fellow architects to explore and share how architects think. Maybe it will help one more person value architecture and perhaps appreciate architects better. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to hire one for your project.

I have generally posted four to six times a month. Topics range from my observations, things to ponder about architecture or something specific I am attempting to teach. I believe information ought to be shared.

Every post asks questions and invites readers to share their opinions, thoughts and comments. I usually share my strong opinions and the basis for them, but I also believe we can all learn from each other. If you enjoy what you read, please share it with others through your favorite social media.

To learn the traditional basics about me, I invite you to review the “about” section of my website. To learn more about my firm click here.

To describe myself, I am an architect, adjunct professor, husband, dad, follower of Christ, photographer and deep thinker.


13 thoughts on “about

  1. John Switzer says:

    Admire your effort to spread the Architectural gospel about; found you via a ‘cup a coffee’ [HA] and liked it.
    I’m an Arkie on Tilghman Island, MD., mostly residential, here and back in Chevy Chase, Potomac, and McLean, all around the metro DC area.
    Keep spreading the word! And if you like seafood, drop in some day, we got it here!

    1. I really appreciate the kinds words and for taking time to stop by, read and discuss architecture. Please check back often and keep the conversation going. I just may take you up on that seafood offer.

  2. fairiequeen says:

    Like what I have had a chance to read…promise to return. The easy and unpretentious prose are the hook. I am a little newer to the profession (have had a previous career or two) and find that many of the practitioners that try to communicate with the masses, tend to set up some unrealistically high -or narrow- linguistic parametres around their discussion that limits participation (even if just passive reading) to other ‘informed’ architects. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and please return. I state my opinions without apology, but I’d rather have a conversation with people of diverse opinions, thoughts, backgrounds, etc. Narrowing it doesn’t help the profession.

  3. cat liu says:

    Hi Lee!
    didn’t realize you had a blog! hope things are well in pittsburgh and at CMU.

    former student

    1. cat, i apologize for not responding sooner. thanks for stopping by and if you want to remember your crazy professor, read a few posts on my blog and you’ll recall the nutty things i tried to teach you. glad you are well, keep in touch.

  4. I came across your blog about ‘traditional’ architecture. Very well said. I am now a follower. Your blog may be self-perpetuating, but makes me feel like I’m not the only one so that’s good. I wonder if might ask permission to use some of your posts to assist me with mine? You are a good educator of your clients as to how we think, and why we are the way we are!

    1. thanks for your comments. many of us bloggers reblog each others work, often with commentary. however, we always give each other appropriate credit and links. i’m always honored when someone wishes to quote me.

  5. LG says:

    I posted this really cool survey to my blog and got 15 responses that were very helpful. So I guess I also ask questions and leave it up to my readers. If anyone wants to check it out, you can find “the laid off architect survey” at http://www.beyondarchitect.com.

    p.s I enjoyed reading your Bio, very personal, keep up the good work.

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