spring thoughts

01 Christ Church BW

Spring is just around the corner and new life will begin again in the natural world.

Today I have no abstract rhetoric, robust opinions or emotional rants. I’m working on my thoughts about sharing more insight into the profession from my point of view. However today, I’m just thinking.

Join with me as I share several photos I’ve taken recently that contain things I’m thinking about.


01a st clair park 02

02 road from ohara

03 winter trees 04 dan's neighborhood

The photo above is actually a project i did where we re-clad the existing contemporary home to give it a new image – however, as I wandered the neighborhood, and saw this house through the filter of the nearby houses, I noticed they need a little help too.05 troy hill

06 troy hill07 tree canopy08 colors09 kentucky avenue10 maple ave morning11 window reflection

spring thoughts