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Tool – noun, verb, other?

Architects use many tools, some are obvious, some are assumed, and a few are really important. You might be thinking – aren’t they all important? Yes, they are.

Yet, for all of the technology we have or will ever have, I prefer, dare I say need my sketchbook. Could I explain why all of the other tools are important? Yes, in fact I’m sure someone from our #Architalks family will do a great job at that.

It’s the sketchbook that has no rules or no limits. In it I can think, I can test, I can explore, I can make mistakes, I can study and I can relax. For someone that chased this profession from an art background as a kid, this tool keeps me grounded in my roots. No digital tool can replace that.

Architect’s sketchbooks are NOT about pretty drawings or finished thoughts or complete images. They’re just evidence of thinking out loud. It is here where I conceive ideas and work through the conceptual aspects of details. It’s a boundless arena to make and to think.


Almost a year ago, Princeton Architectural Press was kind enough to send me a set of sketchbooks to evaluate. I agreed and found this set The Architect Says Notebooks to be a nice change from my usual blank white pages. These gridded notebooks made an interesting, yet useful tool in my process. Sometimes I followed the “rule”, sometimes I ignored them. They’re small and fit within most pockets.


I’ll share a few of the pages if you agree to leave them here.

sketch p 1

sketch p 2

sketch p 3

sketch p 4

sketch p 6

sketch p 9

sketch p 11

sketch p 14

sketch p 15

sketch p 18

It’s a bit like my diary.

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