Architects seem to thrive in the world of choices.

Others find it paralyzing or at least frustrating the more choices there are.

I generally reduce options to two or three that I find most successful before presenting  to clients (or before selecting my dinner at a restaurant), but do they know I’ve worked through dozens or more on my own? I’m not intimidated by the process.

I’ve written in the past how the design process rallies around choices and architects thrive at the notion of choice. A design could be anything, it can be everything. On some occasions it shouldn’t be at all.  What is best? Are we even aiming for best? What does that even mean? Yet, when we make our first mark, when we begin to organize, when we begin to plan or interact or inject ourselves into the design, choices are made. Options are instantly reduced. In the academic world that seems to be disappointing at best, but it gives a room full of black adorned architects fodder for lofty conversation.


We make choices; we make choices for other people, we select, we guide, we give information so that others can make the final choice. Nevertheless on some level, we really made the choice.

There is responsibility and accountability. I feel that, everyday.

With choices something is favored over something else. Something is eliminated because something else gets to stay. Someone goes home, someone stays. We live here, but we’ll never live there. We can’t work at every firm. This is reality of choices.

Architects love choice. Sometimes architects hate choice.


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