no regrets

1 April 2014

Noah Daddy Lake

Daily Prompt: If I could Turn Back Time

service please

26 March 2014


Yes, most things will eventually remind me of architecture or this profession.

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Calvin Hobbes TF - Copy

I believe many things about architecture and I do believe in architecture. keep reading…

my, my I love pi

14 March 2014

1280px-Blackberry_pie_and_ice_cream,_2006For those of you who are aware of the calendar’s date today know that mathematicians around the world are celebrating a yearly event held every 14th of March. keep reading…

i am what i am

11 March 2014


I am frequently reminded that I am made to be an architect. I don’t know what else I could do. keep reading…


After attending (or watching) a series of presentations (continuing education classes) or some other type of lecture where someone was speaking with a PowerPoint presentation, I’ve developed a couple of strong opinions thoughts about how one should present in these situations. keep reading…


Recently I’ve culled through several emails that I’ve sent to my first-year students this semester. I noticed a pattern of statements that may sound like archi-babble to some, but were intended to encourage them in their development of a rich architectural process. keep reading…


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