must we – create the better?

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This question has no single answer to define what is ‘better; but it comes up almost daily in my world as an architect. I believe the answer to question #43 above is well spoken in both the short and long answer. However, it’s just a tool I used today to get to the question of must we create the better. It’s obvious isn’t it?

I am seeing growth and development in my area, specifically my hometown where I still live and have my practice. Opinions are frequently offered (with and without request) and as varied as the East is from the West.

Should we tear down “old” buildings, what should the “new” be in its place? Why can’t someone do something with these old buildings? Why is there never anywhere to park? Someone ought to do something before it’s too late. Why did someone build that modern monstrosity over there? Who let them do that? Why is everything so old and broken down? Can’t we get something that I can relate to? Why is there never anything to do? Who cares?

I do. I am an architect.

We need to ask better questions. We need to “see the opportunities to create something even better.” What do you think?

It’s always reasonable to demand that the new give more than it takes.” This is how we begin to find the answers.

Question 43 from “What is Architecture and 100 other Questions.” Rasmus Waern and Gert Wingardh, Laurence King Publishing, 2015.

what is architecture

must we – create the better?

better side of green

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I’m an architect and by definition that means that I believe in the better when it comes to our built environment and quite frankly in all aspects of our lives. This has to extend not only in the what, but how we discuss, practice and portray architecture. Sometimes, we let our frustrations show in an unpleasant manner.

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better side of green