dream until your dreams come true

20180714_142358.jpgI get the point of the topic of this month’s #Architalks and I’m sure my friends will have amazing responses. You should read theirs first and come back to mine. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

2017-09-21 09.16.37-1.jpg

<< imagine elevator music playing the background…some orchestral Gordon Lightfoot song converted to Muzak  or something>>

20180714_120556.jpgDream project…dream project…think stupid…what’s your dream project? Come on…everybody wants to know… Is it a house – is it my house? Is it a big house? Is it a museum – a competition? Is it a skyscraper in the desert?


It’s a valid question, after all, it’s asked at every party or whenever someone doesn’t know what to say because I’m an architect, I’m awkward around them, and they don’t know how to talk to me. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

2017-09-21 09.16.48-1.jpgSeriously, I don’t have one. No, truly, I’m drawing a blank.

If you insist, I’ll state a few principles.

  1. Build what we design. If it’s on the drawings, build it as is…the first time. No substitutions.
  2. Time – Give me time to savor the process, time to document it carefully…time to build it well.
  3. Involvement – Let me do what I do, but don’t be indecisive…or absent…or controlling. Be there.
  4. Ask – Ask me first. Assume I had a good reason before telling the owner there’s a better (i.e. cheaper) way. Join me so we both look good.
  5. Don’t overcharge me because it looks different. Look at it differently.

That’s all I got tonight as I write this…wait. I’ll give you a few more thoughts.

  1. Net Zero – It’s not because my one project will save the planet, but I think if we’re going to look for a challenge, why not a worthy challenge that hurts no one, but helps someone. I almost had one this year and it sadly faded.
  2. Conversation – I love doing cool modern houses, but I like my work to be noticed and most houses are only seen by a few. It’s not that I want the accolades, but visible architecture that can start a conversation in my community – or your community just might start something locally.
  3. Emotional – React, respond – happy, sad, angry, elated…respond to my architecture. Ambivalence is the worst response.
  4. Believe – Believe in me – push me, challenge me, make me make good architecture for you. Believe in architecture – believe it can make your business better, believe it can make our community better, believe it is worth the investment.
  5. Fund it – It’s true, good architecture can happen at low budgets as well as big budgets. But don’t kid yourself, some things just cost money. Good details, durable materials, energy saving assemblies initially cost money. It just does. Invest.

2017-09-21 09.14.42.jpgDream on.

Michele Grace Hottel – Michele Grace Hottel, Architect (@mghottel)
“dream project…”

Eric T. Faulkner – Rock Talk (@wishingrockhome)
Project Could be a Dream – Sh Boom

Keith Palma – Architect’s Trace (@cogitatedesign)
Lawn Chair

Mark Stephens – Mark Stephens Architects (@architectmark)
The Dream Project

dream until your dreams come true

2 thoughts on “dream until your dreams come true

  1. Hi Lee – Just wanted to say I appreciate your comment: Net Zero – It’s not because my one project will save the planet, but I think if we’re going to look for a challenge, why not a worthy challenge that hurts no one, but helps someone. It’s too bad your project opportunity may have faded, and I hope you get the chance. Nevertheless, you may have inspired a bounty of other projects. Best, Larry

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