thinking sketches

sketchbook 09a.jpg

It’s kind of funny – my Instagram feed frequently includes my sketches or shots of my work space (that includes sketches), moreover those images receive more likes – by far – than any other post – more than the wonderful food I come across and share.

I like it, and am grateful that someone would take the time to pause and like a post.

My previous post was on the realities of being an architect; a bit sobering, a bit real, but quite transparent. Today, I’m being transparent by sharing my sketchbook again – not to brag or even invite critique. It’s just sharing what is going through my head. See I believe an architect sketches in order to think. I believe an architect sketches because they have to do it – much like breathing.

It’s not work, it’s not a chore, it’s not even necessary on some level. It’s simply because I get to do it.

For those that feel it necessary to point out what is incorrect (i.e. wrong) about the content of a sketch (and I mean sketch – not a drawing that someone mistakenly calls a mere sketch), let me remind them it is supposed to be wrong. For it is where an architect is testing, thinking and searching – and making mistakes or avoiding some details because their mind is on something else.

By default they are wrong, they are messy, they are so architect. It’s how I think.

That’s all I’ll say today. Here are a few recent shots of my sketchbooks.

sketchbook 11a.jpg


sketchbook 10a.jpg

sketchbook 08a.jpg

sketchbook 07a.jpg

sketchbook 06a.jpg

sketchbook 05a.jpg

sketchbook 04a.jpg

sketchbook 03a.jpg

sketchbook 02a.jpg

sketchbook 01a.jpg







thinking sketches

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