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Are you looking to hire an architect? Are you looking to buy a building? Have you already hired an architect? Where are you on this journey and what advice as an architect can I share? It’s simple.

Ask questions.

After writing for nearly seven years, I’m sure I’ve said everything that one can say – with over 325 posts, there must be something in there worth reading. Despite writing on subjects of architectural theory and architectural process, my blog was inspired by sharing with non-architects how we (as architects) think. As usual, my response is not to mimic what one will find on the AIA’s web page – nor should it. One can go there as an unbiased source to get the basic “correct” questions. It’s a great resource. If you’re considering hiring an architect – or if you’ve just hired one, start with their page, and if you’re so inclined, here are other considerations I’ll share from over twenty-six years of experience, a dozen years of teaching and a practical but thoughtful approach. Each point below will take you to a blog post written over the past several years for a deeper conversation.

On choosing an architect or working with your architect

  • What should you do? Ask good questions – ask the right questions, be diligent in your research early, be engaged, get involved, develop the right questions to ask your architect before you hire them and continue that throughout the process.
  • How do you select an architect? – One method, look at their menu. Besides adhering to wise methods for choosing a consultant, this is the next level of considerations before making a final choice on hiring. Do they serve the type of architecture you’d like to “eat?” If not, think twice before moving forward.
  • What would I do? This is probably one of the best questions to ask someone when looking for advice. It gets at the visceral and experiential aspects of decision making. In the post – My reflections on being a client – shares how being a client helped me be a better architect by knowing how to allow a professional do their job, how to interact with them, and how to know when to be patient.
  • How should you do it? – Now that you’ve hired an architect – How to treat your architect – Call it honest, but realistic tips for what to do and more importantly, what not to do.
  • Where is the architect during construction? – Don’t cut them loose too early. We’ve addressed, with humor, why the architect’s services ending at the completion of construction documents can be a big mistake.

On buying property and building

  • Should you buy that building? – There are many things one ought to consider before purchasing a building. Even with the right architect, the process is dependent on more than the consultant. Hopefully this prevents someone from making the wrong choice early in the process.
  • Can you build affordably? – Ask your architect and gauge their response. We have learned from experience at least ten tips to building affordable residential projects.
  • How do you make decisions during the process? It is easier to alter or delete things earlier than later – I take a childhood story and compare grocery stores and candy stores – no really. Don’t take any illustration too far, but knowing how to make good decisions early is one important reason one hires an architect.

With so many posts and so many years of writing, there’s more to share if you’re willing to come back and keep reading.

photo 1 credit : photo credit: jaime.silva Cascais, Portugal – Passeio Dom Luís I via photopin (license)

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advice to clients

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