What’s in a number, the age old question asks.

This year marks my thirteenth anniversary of being in business for myself.

Why write about such an odd number anniversary when we typically mark every five or ten years? To be honest, I don’t know.

This year also marks my silver anniversary of being in practice (B.Arch 1991 Kent State University). I suppose in my cozy pensive corner I gravitate towards unusual modes of thinking; dare I say arcane places of thought. Certain moments trigger memories that cause me to drift down boulevards of thought of wonder and nostalgia.

I’m a sole practitioner trying to figure this thing out. I can’t brag of a large income, I’m not the model businessman, nor do I have all of the systems in place to be the most efficient. I am working at being good as an architect – doing good work. Fortunately, I have a band of friends who I’ll meet in a few days for the first time (weird huh?) that provide support and encouragement along the way.

As I prepare to attend the AIA Convention this week, eager to fill up with information and inspiration to fix the broken things that need attention, I’ll leave with thirteen select built projects that stand out from the past thirteen years. There’s no commentary or explanation…just images. Some appear on my website where an explanation is listed.

I will say that they represent a wide range of types – renovations, additions, new construction, commercial, and residential. Each one has an interesting story. Each one represents a person, a family or a business and a relationship.

Architecture is such an interesting story – this one is still being written.

01 Delcampo East View Low 02 Lakewood Road 03 Welty House 04 Latrobe House 05 Dawson 06 Keller 07 Artist Studio 08 house 6 09 Abie and Bimbos 10 Ace Hardware 11 FarmHouse

12 hodge road

13 Rialtotop photo – collection of sketchbooks
photos 1-7 (c) Lee Calisti, AIA
photo 8 (c) Ron Lutz II
photo 9-13 (c) Skysight Photography


4 thoughts on “thirteen

  1. seanjtobin says:

    Nice post, Lee, and congratulations! I wish I was able to get to Philly this year, but look forward to another opportunity in the future.

  2. Congratulations Lee. Yours is a varied and thoughtful body of work, yet recognizable as emerging from the same “hand”. Here’s to the next 13 years.

  3. Andrew says:

    Is there a reason you didn’t post it on the 13th? Which happened to be a…. Friday….!!!!!

    Jk. Congrats

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