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Q: Where are small firm practitioners’ projects in relation to their offices? How far away do they take on projects?
A: I don’t know other than myself.

I thought we’d start the new year off by simply describing what active projects I have in my office as of the day of this post and where they are located with respect to my office. I’d be quite interested to see an analogous response from other friends and colleagues.

The reason this intrigued me is I started to notice a pattern or equal dispersion that could be completely coincidental. Currently I am a regional firm (PA), but if opportunities arose, I’d consider projects farther east in PA or even out of state.

I will be celebrating thirteen years in business next month which has allowed me the privilege of having good work to choose from and the ability not to accept projects that are either not of interest or not in keeping with my firm’s goals.

As I start off 2016 I have many projects ‘on the boards’ and several opportunities that also await. I’d like to say that a project is either on or off, but my fellow architect friends can corroborate that projects start, stall, continue, stall, go away, continue and sometimes get built. This requires a steady stream of work to keep busy and to keep the doors open. The following maps are a snapshot of the active projects as of today. They represent all projects that are active in design (or under contract) or active under construction.

PA Map of Current Projects 2016-01

Since several of my current projects are located downtown Greensburg, I couldn’t distinguish the locations on the first map. It shows up above as a single dot. This map below shows a close up so one can see how I’ve marketed myself in my hometown. This does not include work prior to 2015. I guess I need to work on a comprehensive map.

Solid red dots – Active projects in design or under construction
Hollow red dots – Temporarily inactive but services provided in 2015 or late 2014
Solid blue dots – Completed projects (designed and/or constructed) in 2015

PA Map of Current Projects GBG 2016-01

Let me clarify before we conclude. Not all projects make it through the complete design phase into construction documents or even into construction. Some of my projects are simply pre-design consultation studies, some make it through early design and fortunately, some get built. Each has its own story and I couldn’t give a singular reason why some move forward. Architecture is complicated. Perhaps that’s another post to explore this year.

To conclude, here is a simple summary of active projects. If these projects remain active, my office is off to a good start in 2016. If you’re a client looking for an architect, look at my work and call me. I never say no until I understand the project. If you’re an architect, I hope you’re even busier. Here’s to a great year.

New residence – 2,000 SF – Schematic Design
Bedroom addition – 350 SF – Under construction
Mixed use adaptive reuse – 7,500 SF – Under construction Jan 2016
New residential ‘cottage’ units – 750 SF x 3 units – Under construction
Mixed use adaptive reuse – 13,500 SF – Early planning study nearly complete
New MBR addition – 400 SF – Under construction Spring 2016
Residential additions/renovations – 3,000 SF + Garage – Strategic Planning study underway
3 Unit Apartment building – 5,500 SF – Under construction January 2016
Adaptive Reuse for Wellness Center – 3000 SF – Planning study complete (awaiting owner to close on property)
Adaptive reuse Retail – 10,000 SF – Schematic Design
New residence – 2,500 SF – Schematic Design
Residential renovation – 1,800 SF – Under contract

small projects :: location

2 thoughts on “small projects :: location

  1. Like you, i tend to be regional with the vast majority of my work being within Richland County and occasionally in surrounding counties. I have had a couple of projects in Cleveland (1-1/2 + hours north) and Columbus (1-1/4 + hours south). The furthest away that i have had a project is Yellow Springs, OHio (2-1/2 ± hours South West) and one in Logan, OHio (2-1/2 ± hours South East).

    I wish i could say i have had an impact in my home town. But sadly, i am just now starting to break into that market. As has been said, “no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” (Luke 4v24 NLT)

    1. That’s true at times. I’m working a tough crowd, but may never be known beyond my region. Stick to it. I’m always hoping my work can be more than what it is.

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