what we don’t need


we don’t need mediocrity; we need excellence

we don’t need complacency; we need motivation

we don’t need good enough; we need ‘not there yet’

we don’t need arrogance; we need confidence

we don’t need obscene gestures or vulgar language; we need consistent professionalism and humility

we don’t need trophies for us; we need communities for them

we don’t need apologies for fatigue; we need self-control

we don’t need a tyrant; we need leaders

we don’t need to isolate; we need to include

we don’t need to condescend; we need to elevate

we don’t need stars and idols; we need heroes and heroines

we don’t need whimsy or narcissism; we need rigor and discipline

we don’t need better aptitude; we definitely need better attitude

we don’t need controversy; we need cohesion

we don’t need to typecast; but we do need to teach

we don’t need to be told; we need to be shown

we don’t need to undermine; we need to understand

we don’t need to exploit, but there is room to express

we don’t need to be critical; we do need to critique

we don’t need to step on; we do need to step up

we don’t need to say why; we do need to say why not

we don’t need to be pessimistic; we need to be optimistic

we don’t need to say sorry if, but we do need to say sorry that

we don’t need to mourn what it’s not; we need celebrate what it is

we need less apathy; we need more empathy

we don’t need to capitulate to bullies, we need to stand up for the better

we don’t need to say yes; we do need to say no

we don’t need to bow to the dollar; we need to commit to the value

we give in to today, we don’t give them tomorrow


spend your time honorably and put your energy into something useful

photo is from stock photo galleries on FreeImages.com – click on photo to see author (used under the Standard Restrictions), lend a helping hand

what we don’t need

4 thoughts on “what we don’t need

  1. Thank you Lee for providing the best response to date for all the obscene gestures and vulgar language which vomits from the leadership of this world, in architecture and elsewhere, where professionalism and humility exist at great peril.

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