10 good things about working solo

607244_26034346 I am a solo practitionerI chose that after swearing I’d never do it.

It comes with pros and cons and it is certainly not for everyone. Now I find myself vocal for this group of professionals, especially architects. Today, we’ll laugh a little as I thought about why I enjoying working alone. Don’t worry, there will be another post for the other side.


1. I can come and go as I please without telling anyone or checking in

2. No one mistakenly eats my lunch from the refrigerator

3. Complete creative control 682313_73394523 4. I got to create the office standards

5. I get credit for my contributions to the project

6. I never have to wait for the bathroom 1077863_22538402 7. No one minds if I am barefoot

8. There is no burden about other mouths to feed

9. The phone is always for me yellow-flower-1-832856-m And the last reason I enjoy working solo…

10. I can play my favorite music (especially guilty-pleasure songs) loudly [don’t ask because I’m not telling what they are.] 1355977_48512374 What are your reasons? I’d love to have a long list for another time.

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10 good things about working solo

14 thoughts on “10 good things about working solo

  1. I set the standards for my work,
    what jobs I take and which I suggest go to someone else
    how I approach a new job
    how I interact with clients and contractors
    how I bill
    how I research
    how I spec
    what I do pro bono

    I took off snow days with my children
    or scheduled around my Girl Scout troops, parent teacher conferences or school plays

    I chose to shift my emphasis, twice

    I chose to have compatriots instead of professional enemies

    1. Ted Rusnak says:

      It appears Jane has been here before…and I’m in agreement with everyone, especially the last choice.

    1. I took a week off for the birth of a grandchild. The clients and contractors all knew I would be gone, but they didn’t know which day until it happened! They laughed, but no one objected, and the work survived just fine. The child and parents did too.

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