7 thoughts on “new graphics, old news

  1. Wow – those are Wicked! I feel so un-pro by comparison. I have no letterhead and haven’t even used an envelope in years. I did go for some letterpress cards a few years ago and need to re-order without the LEED part. also, I don’t like my website anymore.

  2. Bob Moore says:

    I like your solutions. I’ve been going through the same exercise and had not thought of the two-sided solution to having too much clutter by the time I had all my information presented.

    Good job!

    1. Thank you Bob. There are many sources out there to have double sided cards. They seem to be the norm for creative fields. I’m seeing them from many other fields too.

  3. I felt like I had to add a comment – if for no other reason than adding another “Bob” to the list of people who have decided to show up. Apparently, your name has to be “Bob” in order to comment on this article … that rule seems a bit limiting.

    Can you believe that we do not have stationary in my office? No letterhead or envelopes. I thought about making them a few years ago but just haven’t felt pressed enough to actually spend the money. Our mast is built into our templates and as a result, the logo is printed out with each document.

    1. I’m hearing more and more that offices don’t have actual stationary beyond what you described. I also have a template built in, but in my fastidious nature, seeing the difference between the actual stationary logo and the printed one is too big a difference to ignore. I figure by the time I die or retire, I’ll have given up the old habits I cling to for no reason.

  4. Hey there,
    I’m not Bob but will throw my 2 cents.

    We prepared a sticker, roughly A6 size, with company name and ample space to write any address/description/thank you note, etc.
    This sticker can go on any envelope, box, document, folder, material sample and give it a more formal feeling…

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