make a difference…to one

Career Fair Letter Edit

I spoke at a career fair at my high school last week. They ask me to come back each year and I talk mostly about architecture and very little about me. The students sent me wonderful thank you letters. Surprise–this made me think.

I write and I rant, I comment and I complain.
I post and I preach, sometimes I talk and I teach.

I love this profession; I love architecture.

This event taught me; make a difference, to someone. It’s worth it.

make a difference…to one

6 thoughts on “make a difference…to one

  1. I recently received an email from a 1st year architecture student asking about “the life of an architect”. She has the talent but not the passion and wanted to know if architects make a lot of money. Yes, it makes one stop and think. It took me a couple days to come up with a response that was both honest and inspiring. The former was easy, it was the latter that took a lot of thought.

  2. Ted Rusnak says:

    Lee, I’ve been doing these presentations off and on for a few years, as well as having high school senior interns for a month at the end of their HS careers. It is a rewarding experience that requires one to reflect on one’s own choices and in some ways act as a filter to those on the fence about their own career choices.

    1. There is never time to help someone else, but if we care about our profession, we must make time. Also, I don’t follow the “day in the life” suggestions because that doesn’t capture what we do. It’s cool to get one student respond.

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