at one point…I wonder

2012-07-20 11.02.57

at one point this meant something more than a token statement of middle-income American house

at one point it had a function

at one point it was a place of gathering

at one point it was a place of needed warmth

at one point it was a place of cooking

i wonder what stories were told around this place

i wonder what the rest of the house looked like before it was no more

i wonder if i knew someone who lived here

i wonder if they thought their house would be gone one day

i wonder what they spent their day doing

i wonder if they ever wondered

…at one point, i wonder

photo (c) by the author

at one point…I wonder

6 thoughts on “at one point…I wonder

  1. Very poetic, Lee. I cannot imagine a home without the hearth- even if many of them are non-woodburning due to fire codes.

    I wonder… where you get your great images! That is something I want to drastically improve on my blog. I really admire the pics you select.

    1. Tara, thanks as always. I happened to take this image myself…a long time avid amateur. I was driving home from a meeting one day and saw it, turned around and took a few shots. Photoshop did the rest with b/w and a little adjustment. My other images mostly come from Flickr or Stock.xchng

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