daily prompt :: far from normal


Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. So I decided to take a step back, and look at my life as an outsider. So here are ten thirteen unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about myself.

You be the judge…

  1. I am a follower of Christ, a disciple of His (that’s more than just Christian).
  2. I am a daily failure in need of His grace constantly.
  3. I’d just rather be with my family.
  4. I’ve always wanted to be an architect; I now feel it’s a privilege. How I get paid to do this, I don’t know.
  5. I am energized and tormented by design at the same time.
  6. Besides Christian music (go K-Love and Streets of Gold), I like to listen to 70’s and 80’s music.
  7. I am too easily distracted.
  8. I like Indian food from a food truck at CMU.
  9. I have too many minority opinions about too many things.
  10. I’m a neat freak and have to set most things at right angles…everywhere.
  11. I am uncomfortable in crowds socially but can easily speak in front of large groups.
  12. When I met my wife for the first time at the restaurant where I worked, I told her I was the friendliest guy there on her first day working. Since that day, she’s been my best friend.
  13. Not only do I love my son, I really like him too.


photos are from marcteer’s photostream on Flickr (used under the Creative Common License)

daily prompt :: far from normal

12 thoughts on “daily prompt :: far from normal

  1. Love the shots of the Nelson Atkins Museum in KC.

    You probably shouldn’t post #4. Your clients might read it and decide they don’t need to pay you because you enjoy your work too much. 😉

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