no design in a vacuum


So you are unsure about my solution?

You don’t understand why I am doing this? Why don’t I try what?


Yes I agree your suggestion for that one part seems simpler than mine.

You haven’t taken the time to understand where I’m going with this. That seems to be the consensus around here.


I thought of your solution and considered it. It did seem logical at first. Yet if we try it, it creates two other problems over here and doesn’t address this item. So we now have to solve those two problems and there still isn’t a solution for that part yet. Sure, you can walk away thinking you solved your part, but you’ve left me with more items unresolved.

 how-to-do-magic Rubiks

The key here is someone has to resolve all of these problems…at the same time. That might mean that each individual solution when considered independently or as an isolated element may not sound ideal. You will question me; perhaps try to make me look bad by your attempt to make yourself look good. However all of these components must come together in a certain order, within these limitations. One aspect gives up part of itself to allow another part to slip into place. This is what I do. I am an architect.


With a little patience, with a little trust, we just might…eventually…find the right…solution.

 Rubik's Cube

Architects solve complex problems, but we rely on all team members to contribute. Architecture doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Renovation work is even more intricate. It must be understood that all of these components have to come together so before you criticize…


no design in a vacuum

6 thoughts on “no design in a vacuum

  1. Your blog is working on many levels, the graphic content reinforces the points expounded. This ‘think’ lesson is an important one for the sole proprietor and understanding who the ‘team’ members are for the project at hand….thanks.

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