freedom defined

Now that I’ve caught your attention, you were thinking I was actually going to define freedom so we could start a debate. No, I’m not going to try to start a debate. Last night I was looking through vacation photos from 2011 when we were in Portland Maine on July 4th. It made me think about being free and our presumed right or ability to simply travel almost 700 miles away and visit another state, another city. Simple isn’t it?

I also thought about the small businesses that are thriving in this really wonderful city. The sign graphics always catch my eye and I love to document them. Call me a graphic designer wannabe. There are so many parts to a trip like this that exemplify what it means to be free. Since I’m an architect I tend to focus on architecture, cities, design and graphics, but what’s more important is the people behind all of this. They’re free, free to do what they’re doing. We were free to travel there and enjoy it.

Freedom isn’t the right to do what you want; it is the privilege to enjoy our life as it is. If you know someone in the military, thank them profusely for giving. Thanks to our Creator who was appropriately credited by our Founding Fathers for giving us certain rights. My heartfelt thanks go to the many that gave so that the many of us can have. Happy Independence Day, take some time and think.

What says freedom more than ice cream between two Pop-Tarts?

We didn’t get to go here…not sure why…what were we thinking?

If you’re from Portland, you know this is in Old Orchard Beach to the South.

It was gorgeous.

Isn’t it?

freedom defined

2 thoughts on “freedom defined

  1. David says:

    Thanks for visiting Portland, Lee. In this and other articles it seems like we made a good impression. Please come again sometime!

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