vacation…from what?

diner, northeast pennsylvania

Ok, we’re thinking about our vacation for the year, but as usual have no definitive plans. When you’re an architect, you tend to take busman’s holidays. So what am I trying to vacate from when we go away? Well, it’s certainly not architecture. Since I had no bright ideas completed, well written articles for another blog this week and since we have no bright ideas specific interests for a vacation destination, I’m sharing a few photos from last year’s vacation or whatever you want to call it. I did take pictures of my family; I’m just private. I did write about our trip twice last year in case you were wondering.

Take some time off…it’s healthy.

yale art and architecture building, new haven connecticut

yale art and architecture building, new haven connecticut


yale art and architecture building, new haven connecticut

yale art and architecture building, new haven connecticut

yale university campus building, new haven connecticut

yale university art gallery, new haven connecticut

granoff center for the arts, brown university, providence, rhode island

downtown portland maine

downtown portland maine

dartmouth college, hanover, new hampshire

photos are by Lee Calisti…be nice and give credit.

vacation…from what?

4 thoughts on “vacation…from what?

    1. well…we just visited colleges because of the architecture…this architect will never afford yale, dartmouth or brown. fortunately my kid is genius so I’m banking on a big scholarship. thanks for reading suzan. he’s got 8 years before we make that decision.

  1. Too bad all the bus lines have significantly diminished over the last forty years. Traveling to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City was a keen thirty seven years ago. Or from Ohio to NYC. Or from Key West to Miami. Or from Flagstaff to Crested Butte when my thumb could not garner a ride outside the rim of the Reservation. I like this term Busman, it’s a keeper.

    Just as the term Holiday is a keeper. The European traditions are far more sophisticated, and in line with this blog’s commentary. Their interpretation is more geared at Holy-Day, good for the soul, good all around. Far cry from the Americanism Vacate-tion, as suggested here.

    I dreamed many years of going to Yale. Happy to have tried grad school at Kent and Syracuse (in Paris, FR). Though an academic stint is neither a Holiday or a Vacation. It is in my recollection the most euphoric experience one can have, as the mind’s awareness tends to expand exponentially when properly directed.

    There was the time I took off with a dime in my pocket from Matane, Quebec Province, Canada to travel three days to Athens, Ohio, USA. It cost a dime ( 10 ¢ ) at the turnstile to cross Niagara Falls, Canada to Niagara Falls, NY; no passport required at the border on the 1,203 mile trek.

    Thanks for the advise presented in the blog. Perhaps I will pull out the poor man’s busman’s fare again, the ole thumb, left or right, no matter.

    1. our vacations are very unorthodox to the classic american beach trip or disney trip. we visit a general area that has a few known destinations then we allow the wind blowing to decide the rest. of course if i can sneak in some architecture, that’s just gravy.

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