favorite teachers

Image by Jerome D’Angelo – postcard collage, The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction.

To be honest, my wife is my favorite teacher. Despite how much she has taught me over our years together, I haven’t taken any of her math courses. Therefore, I’ll direct this answer on teachers whose courses I took. Teachers are often under appreciated and it takes too many years to realize that we haven’t thanked our teachers enough. For the sake of space, I’ll only tell of two great teachers.

During my years as a junior high student (that’s what they called it back then), I had the same art teacher for 7th, 8th and 9th grade art. I was so inspired and motivated by him that I can credit him for a part in my success in becoming an architect. He taught me that it was ok to be myself and he brought out the creativity in me. I kept in touch with him over the years and ultimately I am fortunate enough to have him as a client as well as a friend. A few years ago, I was asked to design his art studio in his backyard. Wow, what an opportunity and a way to give back just a little.

It was the Fall of 1986 and my second year in college. I had to take my first year design studio courses at night. It’s a long story. There was an adjunct instructor who came down from Cleveland to Kent to teach this course. He was amazing, and like my art teacher, inspired me more than he’ll ever know. He too encouraged creative thinking and pushed me to go beyond what I thought I could. Beyond his unique talent, he was patient and willing to stay late at times to give us additional feedback. In my later years of school, I would visit his class just before it would end hoping for the chance to catch him for ten minutes because his feedback was that good. I never got the chance to truly thank him and tell him what an impact he had on my education.

To all of you teachers, you do make a difference. We owe you so much for what you give us. You are probably the most under appreciated profession. My heart felt thanks to all of you.

favorite teachers

3 thoughts on “favorite teachers

  1. William Thompson says:

    This is very true..I had never thought of it, but I had a professor in Studio that had this effect on me..Thanks for sharing!….

    1. Well, I’ve heard much negative comments recently about school, against professors, against the program, etc. that it was time to make comments to keep things in balance. Thanks for reading.

      1. William Thompson says:

        He was a very kind and generous man..He gave encouragement and help when and where needed..He was a master at his profession, His ability and mastery of Architecture is what sustained me in Studio..I remember reading on my University web page that he had retired and had passed on..I remember thinking about him the whole day, and what he had done to help..Your post here had jogged my memory about Studio and this wonderful person..

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