face painting and other added talents

Today was the annual “Fun in the Sun” day at my son’s elementary school where they host an assortment of outdoor activities as a year-end celebration. I returned for the second year as part of the face painting team. Although I could probably host a pretty mean bean bag tournament, I enjoy the artistic part of painting random pictures, logos, names and other images on faces and arms of elementary school kids. With eleven of us feverishly working to keep up with the demands of impatient, but excited children, I was reminded how we as architects could contribute to our communities (and our own children).


I realize that being able to draw cartoons, animals, fake beards and sports team logos is not a requirement for being an architect. But I believe being connected to one’s community is. (There is that ability to quickly abstract something in one’s mind in order to be able to paint it with a brush and not sketch it with a pencil). It’s great to be involved with my son and his school, but it’s also a way to meet other parents and community members and just have fun (in the sun). I love to draw and it’s a great rush to see the kids’ faces light up when they see what you’ve painted on their face. They show real appreciation. It’s something grown-ups should do more often. I wish I could have taken photos of my work, but I did capture my son’s face…typical boy stuff. Oh and the Pac-Man was my practice work on myself as I was waiting for the kids to show up. My son informed me later that there is no green ghost and Pac-Man certainly wouldn’t be chasing them unless they were blue. Geez, I was just trying to have an example ready for the kids and he’s giving me a ‘crit’. It never ends.


Be involved in your community.

face painting and other added talents

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