architects and emotions

This blog is explaining and exploring how architects think, so I’m sharing. To those of you who are not architects, we are emotional beings. We are tough, but very connected to our feelings; sometimes we make incorrect decisions because of them. Our days can often fluctuate emotionally simply by what happens at work that day. We can go from elated to deflated in a few minutes based on a single phone call. Shallow perhaps, you’re thinking. To explain the flurry of emotions that architects are subject to, see the chart below. This isn’t an objective or comprehensive chart, just one I cooked up tonight.


Feel free to add your own comments and suggestions. Who knows, maybe I’ll edit it and reissue it. It depends on how I feel.

architects and emotions

6 thoughts on “architects and emotions

  1. Ted Rusnak says:

    “Reality Flow Chart?” You must be one heck of a cook.

    This should be required reading for your students. Perhaps before they commit to our occupation.
    And for those individuals who believe that all we do is some fancy sketches, pontificate on colors and materials and submit invoices.

    Couple of observations. Perhaps one could add a “trying to explain the scope of what an Architect does to an ‘outsider’ ”
    That would be under Frustration. As would “dealing with a client who doesn’t understand or care about Code Issues”. Or the one that I run into more and more, “the client who’s considers themselves a better Architect, and we’re just drafting service”. (the last one is my favorite walk-away-from)

  2. the insanely odd thing here is I woke up this morning with THE EXACT SAME blog post title floating around in my head. but you beat me to it so now I need to come up with something new.

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