the simple foods

I’ve been thinking again even though I haven’t written as often lately. Yes, this one is another food analogy (see my Oreo post from November 2011). My family and I have often discussed our favorite foods; I like to talk about food almost as much as architecture. We are not quite foodies, but we like to try different things and go to different places to eat. However, when we’re at home and we have simple foods from fresh local places, we’re all reminded of how the simplest of foods can be the best things to eat. They are often more satisfying.

I love to eat fancy elaborate dishes with layers of flavors and so on. But we’ve found that whether it is homemade bread, good cheese, locally grown produce or fresh meats, it is just the best. Good food doesn’t need embellishment; it just is good on its own. That doesn’t preclude our desire to try more elaborate dishes on occasion, but it comes back to the simple things. So do you know where I’m going with this? Architecture…you got it.


Today architecture is all over the place and if you’re like me, you consider yourself a ‘foodie’ of architecture. Would that be an “architecturie” or an “archie” or what? I don’t know. Anyway, we are beginning to see complex architecture that was never possible because of technology both on the design end as well as the construction end. We’re seeing buildings taller than almost anything imagined. Lastly, we’re seeing controls and features indoors that stretch credulity, and it’s all very cool.

But the simple things, materials, textures, hardware, fixtures, form and most important, spaces that are simple and good on their own merit are often the best places to be. It might be an entrance, a stone wall, a handrail or just a simple relaxing space. You notice I have not included any pictures of architecture here…on purpose. I don’t want to define those for you. However, think about it. There is a time and place for the gourmet architecture, but most days fresh-baked homemade architecture still warm from the oven can’t be beat. Okay, now I’m hungry…

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kylie white



chris gilbert

the simple foods

2 thoughts on “the simple foods

  1. Ted Rusnak says:

    Simple. Just the word envokes comfort, gentleness, a sense of security. Be it in foods or in the structures we design.
    A wise man once told me the hardest building to design, inside or out, is a simple one because it may the most complex to do well.

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