with a little help from my (windy city) friends


I’m back from a three-day jaunt to Chicago. It was a field trip of sorts with our first year architecture students where we introduced them to many of the mighty masters of modern architecture. (It sounds like a comic book or a secret club –huh?). I’ve been there a few times before, but what a wonderful trip and a wonderful city. I plan on sharing more of our experience in days and weeks to come. For today, I’m sharing a few images of those who came before us to pave the way to an architecture that inspires and a mindset that makes me get to my office each day hoping, dreaming, and planning on making great architecture. I may never measure up to these boys, but seeing their work in person, touching it, experiencing it, just fills that architectural well of inspiration for the next while. So with a little help from my friends, I can get by being an architect.






frank 0


photos are by me…and are not common use stuff

with a little help from my (windy city) friends

4 thoughts on “with a little help from my (windy city) friends

    1. I can’t speak much about NYC, but architecture started here. It’s amazing to see how only a few architects had/have such a huge impact on one city. Thanks to Daniel, Louis, Mies and Frank.

  1. Bob Holtzmann says:

    I recently read that Sullivan’s classic Carson Pirie Scott Store is recently getting a new start on life as a Target Store. I hope that is going well, as Target took thoughtful precautions not to interfere with the building’s historic architecture.

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