that’s what I really needed

initial concept sketch 2004

On Tuesday I ran into a past client while in line at a local bakery/café. She gave me a hug; it was a great visit. The few months prior had several frustrating and disappointing events take place that can drain an architect quickly. However, this brief visit was one that began to energize me again. It’s really refreshing to hear how over six years later my clients still love their home and are so admiring of my work. In fact my client had her mother with her and she was very gracious with her words as well. Positive statements and compliments flowed sincerely. It was timely. We conversed for a while and we were off on our separate ways.

Am I that fragile? Is this a weakness that architects have? This is a business you know, easy-come-easy-go right? Call it what you will, but despite the business side of this profession, we’re still creative people who give up a part of ourselves. After seeing projects go on hold, have clients go to their wife’s interior design friend for selections that you’ve already made, hear complaints about things that are not your fault, and have people only want a cheap set of drawings (quickly I might add), being paid is not enough. Mock, but it’s an architect thing.

My heartfelt thanks go out to my past client (and friend). It is what I really needed.

that’s what I really needed

7 thoughts on “that’s what I really needed

  1. Great story.

    Last May I took advantage of one of those spectacular days we get that time of year with brilliant blue skies and azalea’s all abloom to photograph some past projects.

    I was in a neighborhood where 25 years ago I did all the land planning as well as the house designs and fell into a conversation with an owner telling me how visitors always comment about how really nice and well scaled the neighborhood feels. It was kinda cool!


  2. Ted Rusnak says:

    When you’re finished with the architectural profession I would offer that you hang out your shingle as a psychiatrist. Or sooth-sayer.
    Your comments struck a strong cord with me, and I have no doubt, and with anyone in our occupation. I too have had ‘that’ client whom I meet by chance. Those brief encounters are priceless and reaffirm my reason for being in this business as they obviously have done for you.
    I look forward to your future observations.

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