i wonder what it is

What a great day…

I’ve got something new.

In fact, it is brand new.

I wonder what is inside.

What could it be?

What will I do with it?

There is a rustling of paper. There are some people watching. I open it and there it is!

I think I know what it is, but wait…I start to use it, work with it, and figure it out.

This could keep me busy for a while.

I wonder what it can do.

Everything is new.

I’m the first to use it; it’s mine.

The anticipation is over, but in some ways it has just begun.

Ah, yes, wonderful…this is what the start of a new project is like.

What did you think I meant?


top photo is from Lauren Paulsen’s photostream on Flickr (used under the Creative Common License)

i wonder what it is

3 thoughts on “i wonder what it is

  1. Helena Bowman says:

    Am a bit late in reading this entry -almost a month later – the anticipation of something is worth paying attention to – those feelings are a treasure. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. With architecture it is really the best part of a project, maybe better than the day it is finished. With a vacation it’s the best part. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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