it really does count

Election results are in. How did your community fare? Are you content with the results? No? Did you vote? If not, you’re exempt from complaining. No excuse. How many times has it been said, written and preached that your vote counts? No one seems happy with our current climate and everyone is hoping for something better. This year the elections did not involve candidates at the national level, but the local candidates are equally if not more important. They affect your community and how you will interact with life on a local level. If you want to see change, first of all, vote. Then get involved. Don’t be an armchair complainer. It doesn’t help and it’s getting on my nerves.

As I looked at the newspaper yesterday, the simple proverb that my vote counts couldn’t have been better illustrated. As I looked just at my local city and related election results I noticed a few things. The difference between the winning mayor and losing candidate was 79 votes out of 3009 votes. Two out of four candidates for city council were elected. The difference between position two and three was 31 votes, 2% of that candidates votes. On the county level, three were elected from five candidates for commissioners. The third place winner got in with a bit more than 2500 votes over his losing running mate with barely 10% more votes. The two winning candidates cause a party shift in the commissioners that hasn’t happened since 1956. One last example, for one of the lesser understood county offices the difference between the winner and loser, with over 61,000 votes…yes, just 62 votes. That’s one-tenth of a percent. If the recent asteroid that ‘barely’ missed us were to fly that close to the earth, it may have scraped us, messed up the tides and who-knows-what or at least blacked out the sky. In other words, it would have made a big impact.

Now the annoying campaign process has passed, it’s time to get involved, support your local community and make a difference. If you’re an architect, I hold you exceptionally accountable.

photos are from andres musta’s photostream on Flickr (used under the Creative Common License)

it really does count

2 thoughts on “it really does count

  1. I’d like to add to this discussion by asking one simple question:
    Out of all votes cast, what was the percentage of number of votes cast to the number of registered voters in your community?
    Our last mayoral election saw something like 21% of voter turnout. The election previously was about 12%. Statistics like this make me sick. “Armchair complainers” indeed. :-\

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