back to school

So to my students and all students of architecture school…consider yourself lucky that you are still in school. If you were out of school and practicing architecture…

  1. You could draw with any pencils you like…even clicker pencils (sorry inside joke).
  2. You could draw on both sides of your sketchbook pages…in pen!
  3. You’d be fired for showing up to work as late as you show up to studio.
  4. You’d have to shower…daily.
  5.  You could finally give up that nocturnal roommate with an affinity for ramen noodles and renting independent movies on Netflix.
  6.  They wouldn’t let you stream movies on your computer as you worked.
  7.  You have an income, albeit meager. What would you do with that? (see next item)
  8.  You’d have to start paying back your student loans.
  9.  You wouldn’t get to design buildings the way you want…ever.
  10.  Your office would be air conditioned, and you’d feel guilty for using energy foolishly.
  11.  You’d have to explain to your client why she has an all glass office, even the roof and floor.
  12.  Your clients wouldn’t be your professors and they wouldn’t care about a ‘parti’, Norman Foster or the way your building is metaphor for the injustices of life.
  13.  Your buildings would be expected to obey the laws of gravity, keep water out and be reasonably close to the budget.
  14.  You’d have to throw out your lunch left-overs before they became a tower of stinky Styrofoam boxes.
  15.  They frown upon it when you sleep under your desk (or at your desk for that matter).
  16.  You wouldn’t have to attend that class you always fall asleep in, but you would have to go to meetings (and keep awake).
  17.  You’d actually have to finally work out that bathroom plan to work and be accessible (for real).
  18.  You’d have to review shop drawings.
  19.  You could be sued…for something your engineers did wrong.
  20.  And lastly, you’d be doing all CAD/BIM all day, all of the time until your eyes crossed permanently.

Feel free to add to the list. We’ll publish another one if the response is good.

back to school

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