a must see documentary

My Architect, by Nathaniel Kahn. You might think it’s about the architecture of a great 20th century architect, but it is really about a son connecting to a father he barely knew…after he was long gone. Despite the bizarre twists in the story, everyone can relate to this touching story. I can really relate to it myself.

I am so impressed at Nathaniel. He has the right to feel angry (or at least negative) towards his father, yet he put that aside to find the truth. This was truly inspiring, especially seeing the personal life of Louis Kahn being unfolded simultaneously as he was producing some of his great works. I don’t understand the choices he made, but it makes for a great story. I won’t give the rest of the story away to those who haven’t seen it yet.

Photo 1 : MY ARCHITECT.4 The Capital of Bangladesh with small boy Dhaka, Bangladesh, Louis I. Kahn, Architect (Image from the film) © 2003 Louis Kahn Project, Inc.

Photo 2: MY ARCHITECT. HORIZONTAL, Louis I. Kahn and Nathaniel Kahn (filmmaker), Circa 1970, Photo by Harriet Pattison, © 2003 Louis Kahn Project, Inc.

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a must see documentary

3 thoughts on “a must see documentary

  1. Amazing movie. If you’ve just seen it….i’m totally taking away your architect card. :-\
    The capital in Bangladesh is….just amazing. I don’t think there is another building from the 20th Century that is so striking, at least not for me. Great post.

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