walk…and be human

I live in a neighborhood where I can walk on sidewalks and walk downtown. A small community, but it is home. As I walk early in the morning, I think. If you’ve read my blog, you’ve caught on to that already. During a recent walk, I thought about how much we miss in life by driving our cars. We drive to work, we drive to the store, we drive our kids to school, and we drive to the local park…so we can walk.

I often take my camera and shoot things that catch my eye as a photographer. These things often represent the details in life that we miss by driving everywhere. We as a culture have moved to places where we cannot get anywhere without hopping in the car and driving. There is nothing to miss when driving, especially if you are busy texting along the way.

Pause and consider our humanity. The culture changes and we adopt an electronic and automotive way of existing. What are we missing? When we choose or have to walk somewhere, we see things at a scale and rate that we can process. We see details, we smell flowers, we can say “good morning” to the person passing us, and we can feel the breeze. It makes memories; this is being human.

I believe we could go on making connections how the automobile and subsequent societal changes have altered our daily lives. Whether it’s the fact that we don’t know our neighbors or our expanding waistlines, many things have been negatively impacted by our incessant use of the automobile. Architecture has been forever changed, cities too. Don’t call your real estate agent just for me. Just stop and think sometimes and consider where you are going…either in your car or on foot.

walk…and be human

One thought on “walk…and be human

  1. I couldn’t agree more! During college in Savannah I unfortunately had to drive from home to class, but once at class I didn’t have to even go near my car until it was time to go home. Not a traditional campus, buildings were scattered all over downtown. It was great.
    Later I lived in DC (northern virginia) for a while and actually didn’t own a car for a time. It was wonderful not to mention a real money saver. In my opinion the invention of the freeway has killed city life and created generations of people almost completely insulated from social interaction. Sucks.

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