architects are intense

architects are intense

architects keep talking about something when everyone else has moved on

architects give you more information than you thought you needed

architects exceed your attention span

architects repeat themselves

architects repeat themselves

architects fuss about details no one notices…or cares about either

architects are misunderstood

architects need to switch to decaf

architects are actually insecure

architects have fragile egos

architects care more about their environment that most do

architects are never satisfied

architects never finish

architects think of ideas at inopportune times

architects make a difference

architects have to sketch while they are talking

architects don’t understand why you don’t care as much as they do

architects are always thinking about their work

architects are easily distracted

architects dream

architects know more than you think they do

architects make mistakes

architects take things personally

architects are always seeing

architects are, they are not bred

architects would do what they do anyway

architects are a lot to take in one sitting

architects make your world better

architects can do what you can’t

architects think in 3d

architects are cool

architects are ____________ (you keep it going, add comments below).

photos are from  Iscan’s photostream on flickr (used under the creative common license)

architects are intense

9 thoughts on “architects are intense

  1. mrz says:

    architects travel
    architects never observe things as a sole piece, everything is connected
    architects love to hate
    architects, even if nobody cares, love to explain design to non architects

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