when i am most productive

When do I get the most work done? Architect’s do not adhere to the regular time-space continuum of normal people. I think it starts in school. Also, design is a strange animal. Good ideas come when they come. It can’t be turned on at 9:00 AM and turned off at 5:00 PM. So you have to welcome ideas whenever they show up on the door step.


Oddly enough, I get specific tasks completed late at night after everyone has gone to bed. (My office is in my house) No one can call, and I know I’ve stayed up to get a specific bit of work completed. Then I wonder why I stayed up so late and what was I doing during the day? If you are not an architect, you’ll probably never understand. To be honest, we don’t either. I suppose during the day we are talking to you.

photo credit: By Gregory H. Revera (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

when i am most productive

6 thoughts on “when i am most productive

  1. Dave Mooney says:

    I throw us computer people in there, too. It is much easier for me to write a query report, build a website, or troubleshoot when the house is quiet and my phone is not ringing. I continue to be semi-nocturnal. I HATE early mornings.

  2. magdarc says:

    hahah.. during the month of completing my final project for studio my non-arch friends would not see me for weeks. I would disappear for a whole day to go to the studio and come back at 4-5 am and leave again at 8 am. I was the best roommate. I was simply never there.

  3. Sounds like me! I have a hard time staying up all night like I used to since my husband is very much a morning person. I keep a sketchpad near my bed so if I get a good idea while trying to go to sleep I can just scribble it out and go back to it later. I’d prefer to work at night, but I also have to make time for the hubby! 🙂

    1. I agree, family first. The main reason I work later at night is so I don’t do work during the evenings when they’re home and awake. My super late nights and all nighters are a thing of the past.

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