idea=sketch (via magdarc)

I was planning on a follow up post to my recent post about sketching, but Magdalena Kukulska (a student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA) over at read my post and wrote about it quite informatively. So for those of you who are not in a creative field like architecture, I hope this helps you understand us as architects and our process. If nothing else, you will begin to understand why it takes so much time. As an adjunct professor, I am quite proud that an architecture student would continue on with something I wrote. Thanks Magdalena.

The next time you see your architect friend or family member scribbling away at their desk, they might be doing this…

Idea=Sketch “First I start with an idea. Than it becomes something else” – P. Picasso. I stumbled upon a very interesting blog post at  Think Architect  about the role of sketching in a design process. It made me think/analyze the way I use drawing/doodling/sketching while designing.  The quote above pretty much sums up the way my design clockwork runs. Every architecture class professor has a different way of approaching the design assignment but it seems l … Read More

via magdarc

idea=sketch (via magdarc)

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