what do architects like to photograph?

There are several things I enjoy photographing, but since I am an architect, architecture is high on the list. Why are you surprised?

(c) photograph by Lee Calisti

I enjoy photographing my family, namely my son (since my wife doesn’t care to be photographed) and I enjoy landscapes and other outdoor photos.

However, in my almost 30 years of an amateur photographer, architecture has always been a favorite. There is such an obvious link between photography and architecture with respect to composition, space, light and texture. The only thing better about architecture is you can actually inhabit it. Photographs still hang on the wall or the screen. See my January post where I shared some of my travel photographs.

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what do architects like to photograph?

4 thoughts on “what do architects like to photograph?

  1. I retired 5 years ago to chase the photography muse full time and found photographing people WAY more interesting, stimulating and challenging than buildings. I found buildings to be lousy conversationalists and rather self absorbed. People, on the other hand, were always interesting!

  2. The grand stair, the cornice, and the detail. I’ve worked in marcomm for architects for 15 years and these are the things architects like to take photographs of.

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