…no, not the drawing convention…I mean something else. A few recent articles and a lot of pondering while driving has made me think about how we look at our profession as architects. These recent years have been tough on us and we are fighting an uphill battle against things like being marginalized, climate change, redefining our roles, and of course unemployment in this recession.

A recent viewpoint article by Bruce Mau in ARCHITECT magazine really hit home as I struggle with all of the same struggles each of you have as architects. I try to keep life simple and my focus steady, but I must admit being human often gets in the way of things that are really important.

We see our friends overseas in Japan worrying about surviving and we here are really still surviving. So for now let’s put aside the goals pressures of glossy magazine, awards, prizes, prestige and anything else that gets in the way of being an architect.  We are architects and we are convinced we have skills and abilities that can really help communities. You may or may not be able to help those overseas right now, but you can look around your community and see where it needs help. If we can demonstrate our value somehow, someway by helping out and being involved, perhaps the other concerns of ours will either be restored or we will discover they really do not matter.

What is really important to you?


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