i must be an architect


I realize I can’t do anything but be an architect. I know you’re thinking, gee Lee you’re smart, if you put your mind to it, you could be anything you want. Well thanks for your accolades, but no, and here are a few reasons why. Professional sports are out on account of that knee surgery from 1993; who needs an ACL anyway? It was a great basketball game that night until my ego had me go for the fast break and…well, I didn’t even make the shot. Years later I can still walk and ride a bicycle. But in my failed attempts at Wii “Just Dance 2” tonight I realized that not only can I not dance (sorry Paula Abdul), but it made my knee hurt trying. How could I go up against an NFL linebacker with missing parts? At 5’-9” the NBA is out too.

Let’s move onto non-sports related careers. You may say engineering, but the possibilities in any solution are what drive me so when I come to a solution, I can’t move on. I have to test it against several others simultaneously. I am not a pragmatist. For every situation I am wondering what else this could be and what color too. Engineers generally don’t care about colors.

How about medicine? Ah, no. I made it through the birth of my son with flying colors (ok, bad choice of words), but my focus on my wife and son distracted me from all of the things that make me normally squeamish. I can’t even talk about them. Law you say? Illogical Captain…let’s move on.

I do love construction and I often ponder what it would be like to actually build the things I dream up. It is very interesting but again, two things working against me. One, I would want to redesign everything I am told to build and two, that knee thing again. Too many ladders and bending down. Can you say worker’s comp?

I was always strong in math, but I’ll never figure out my taxes let alone anyone else’s and even though that e*Trade commercial with the baby is one of my favorites, I would choose the stock with the coolest abbreviation or the best company graphic. Which leads to graphic design, it is a favorite of mine apart from architecture…hmmm. Ok, that’s a possibility, but sooner or later, I need to make space…inhabit what I create. I’m sorry, it’s just in me. So that also throws out photographer, because unless Life Magazine calls, I can’t do weddings as I wait for the great assignment. I do know a few photographers that do wonderful weddings though – they get it right…you should call them.

OK, so if Stan Lee doesn’t call and ask me to illustrate for Marvel Comics, I’ll stay an architect. See there is drawing, chipboard models, spatial thinking, Corbu, black clothing, modern furniture, not being able to talk without sketching, sweating details, aaaaah.

Ok, quite frankly I believe it chose me.

Despite the challenges that face architects today, as long as I get to do this, I consider myself blessed.

i must be an architect

8 thoughts on “i must be an architect

  1. haha! Lee, this was like listening to the constant monologue that goes on in my own head. Love the last line, “Ok, quite frankly it chose me”. I knew one kid in college whose reason for choosing architecture was “my father told me I had to choose a profession and I like to draw, so I chose architecture.” I don’t think he’s in architecture anymore, though he did graduate and was an accomplished designer. Everyone else was as you and I are – devoted wholly to the practice, profession and art of Architecture (always capital ‘A’).
    P.S. I laughed out loud at “not being able to talk without sketching”. My wife keeps yelling at me to “look at her when she’s talking”….it’s a problem. 😛

    1. I can’t blame all of my bad personality traits on being “chosen” to be an architect, but it’s funny that we do share many of the same traits. I have taught many kids who are in it for the wrong reasons. Wait until they have to do shop drawings and door schedules…oh my.

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