traveling thoughts of an architect

What do non-architects do when they travel or go on vacation? I have no idea…probably relax.

Now let’s talk about what architects do. They look at architecture when they travel, what else. And if you are an architect married to someone who is not an architect, you mostly keep it to yourself. That is until you swerve off of the road because you are looking at the building under construction off in the distance rather than…oh let’s see…in front of you.

I started writing this post a few days ago, but today I was reading Bob Borson’s blog and he posted a list of “When you are an architect…” items that were too funny, but true to ignore. Several of them related to my intent for this post, so I’ll restate a few of them to help in making my point about architects.

When you’re an architect …

  • your vacations always become research.
  • you stare more at the buildings than the people gathered around them
  • there are no people in your travel photos
  • you visit an art museum and take pictures of the building

I love photography…almost as long as I have loved architecture. In fact, there was a time where being one of those photographers for National Geographic or Life Magazine was a cool notion. That was of course after giving up my dream to be a Marvel Comic book artist.  But that’s another post…why are you making that face? Nevertheless, photography remains an avid hobby and anything I know came from reading and experimenting. So consider me an amateur. But since I am a real architect (I’ve never played one on TV), I love to photograph architecture. Surprised?

Perhaps if you are not an architect, but a photographer (amateur or professional), you can relate to my enthusiasm to photograph our world in a unique way. How does the architecture become a great photograph without giving up its identity? Can you take a really cool picture even if the architecture is not great? These are some things that go through my mind when we travel. Most times I don’t even tell my family what I am doing or thinking…they put up with enough as it is, believe me.

The photos were taken by me over the course of several recent trips. The locations, buildings and architects are noted. What do you think of them? I hope you enjoy it. Oh and one last thing, we do have thousands of photos of our son too.

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traveling thoughts of an architect

7 thoughts on “traveling thoughts of an architect

  1. Hi Lee!!! I’m so glad that you found me, and of all places, on WordPress!

    I pray that you and your family are doing well~ God has been so good to me and I am so grateful for where he has taken me since CMU.

    Please keep in touch, and I will do the same!

  2. Hi Lee,

    I have just started reading your blog and thus I’m making my way back through your past posts.

    I too share your passion for photography, and although I will never be a professional it brings me a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment too.

    I am not an architect but I have just gone back to school to study architecture (well architecture technology actually to get a feel for it). It encourages me to think there is a reason why I almost always take pictures of buildings, architectural detail or made-made objects that catch my eye.

    While I’m not sure if becoming a licensed architect is my educational goal I am striving to think more like an architect.

    I haven’t yet mastered keeping my comments about buildings to myself though, much to my wife’s annoyance. haha – good tip

    1. After reading a post on Walmart on your blog, I see we may have a lot in common, especially with respect to architecture and cities. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting.

      1. Yes I think we may – I’ve seen a couple of references to vinyl siding in your blog now. I’m looking forward to diving into more of posts soon and will be sure to comment more!

        I’m actually writing a blog post about the architecture blogs I’ve found over the past few weeks of searching. Would you be ok with me including your website in my review?

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