Is one of these things not like the other? I would say no. Perhaps this is a recipe to restoring where we live. Do you live or work close to Greensburg, PA? Yes? Then we need to talk.

We have so many ways to communicate these days, but the best one is often overlooked…talking face to face. We need to talk, and I think having a cup of coffee is a low key way to meet and discuss some of our shared ideas, passions, and visions for our cities and surrounding communities. In this economy, there’s a lot to fix out there. And it all starts with a conversation. My thanks go out to Jody Brown in Durham NC for inspiring me with his blog and a simple thing as a cup of coffee.

What do I want? I am always looking for ways to simply introduce myself and my firm. Maybe we could grab a coffee sometime? In fact, I’ll buy. Perhaps we could make a connection and share advice and experiences.

In the recent months of the slowed economy, we have been trying to find ways to talk to people about working together to build our community. Perhaps you have a vision or goals for your business or institution that you would like to discuss. Can you invest a half an hour over coffee to simply talk? If you like what you hear, we can discuss what’s next.

Our cities need more and better design. We should demand it as citizens. Believe it or not, architects are the people who can fulfill that requirement. Not only are we thinkers and dreamers, but we can envision all of the components, spaces and possibilities and present them in understandable ways. We are the ones who can assess the opportunities and edit out the extraneous into a solution that can be functional, affordable, beautiful and sustainable. We can do so much more than “get you through the process.”

As we have worked to reinvent ourselves and to look for new ways to broaden our market and services, we returned to the oldest method – reach out to people and start talking. We still find ourselves in a weak economy. It is causing us to rethink ourselves, what we do and how people perceive us. We are determined to spread the word about quality design and good community development, and hopefully, meet some great people in the process.

We created this blog to reach out to the community. We will use it to share conversations, discuss what we do and how we THINK as architects and explain/explore how we can bring value to our communities. We would love to get your thoughts on the projects and posts.

We are far from our goals as individuals and as a community. However, I believe that architects will lead the effort to repairing it. So, we will keep doing our part to make the world a better place here at lee CALISTI architecture+design. I hope we can work together in some way this year in any city that needs help.


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