think?…architects?….what is it all about?

Welcome to my blog. Yes this is something I never thought I would ever do. Years ago I questioned the nature of blogs and could not fathom peoples’ interest in them. Let’s just say in the past year or two I have had more time than usual to think about architecture. In fact I began to rethink architecture. But it is not necessarily my conclusions that are specifically of interest, but the simple fact that as an architect, I think.

Now architects cannot claim superior authority in intelligence or reason. However, I am working to understand how we think or in other words I began to question how does one think like an architect? As I worked to conceive my concept for a blog, ironically I discovered a book by Hal Box title “Think like an Architect” where he endeavors to share his thoughts through personal letters to his friends and students. As I am currently reading it, I have found it to be a collection of one to one conversations primarily to non-architects explaining his thoughts on making architecture. This altered my original blog concept, inspired my title, and made me dig deeper. During this time I got to thinking about several conversations with colleagues over the general public’s lack of understanding of how we think as well as the stereotypes held to how we think. Maybe discussing this could lead to everyone’s better awareness of architects and more importantly our built environment.

What does it mean to think…or think like an architect? Is it restricted or is it inclusive? My goal is not to find answers, but as a true architect discover the questions. And in that, I wish to share this journey with you as a dialogue more than a diatribe. I hope you stay tuned and continue to read, participate and think.

 Thanks for reading…


think?…architects?….what is it all about?

5 thoughts on “think?…architects?….what is it all about?

  1. Dropped in to read your first post. You do have a knack for asking the right questions and prompting thought… maybe that is one of the important skills of a masterful architect. Sounds like we have similar goals- “discussing this could lead to everyone’s better awareness of architects and more importantly our built environment.” (awesome mission statement by the way).

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am too passionate to keep silent about architecture (and many other things). I often find people are willing to whisper their complaint without action. Therefore, I strongly believe in my mission statement. Let’s just get people talking constructively regardless of which side they may take.

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