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5 November 2012

This one was just the thing I needed to hear today. Architects do tend to ramble and say things that are meaningless at times, but this was a bit profound. Even though, I typically do not need to hear anything famous architects have to say, I thank Henry and Julia for their insight.

The remainder of the book is a good and easy read; not one you read like a novel, but more like a magazine in a doctor’s office. Ms. Dushkes did a great job, but how long can you tolerate when architect opine about everything and anything? I still recommend having this on your shelf.

Image is from “the ARCHITECT says, Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom”, compiled and edited by Laura S. Dushkes, Princeton Architectural Press, © 2012. My thanks go out to Russell Fernandez, Marketing and Internet Promotions Manager for Princeton Architectural Press for sending me so many books just for writing this drivel. My apologies go to PAP for posting this image without ‘real’ permission.

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