Something in yesterday’s design studio reminded me that most of the important lessons learned in life were learned in Kindergarten and in the life of an architect, first year studio.

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go get it – learn

17 September 2014

industrial house 1

It is back-to-school time and as many of you know I teach part-time at a School of Architecture here in Pittsburgh. In fact I’m privileged to teach first year studio – I am their first experience with architecture at a university level (**gasp**).

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Architecture school, in fact this whole profession requires more than natural ability and various skills with your hands. …keep reading

make a difference…to one

22 November 2013

Career Fair Letter Edit

I spoke at a career fair at my high school last week. They ask me to come back each year and I talk mostly about architecture and very little about me. The students sent me wonderful thank you letters. Surprise–this made me think.

I write and I rant, I comment and I complain.
I post and I preach, sometimes I talk and I teach.

I love this profession; I love architecture.

This event taught me; make a difference, to someone. It’s worth it.

quotes worth repeating 02

8 November 2012

As I was walking through the College of Fine Arts (CFA) on campus at Carnegie Mellon University after getting my mail I finally stopped to read this plaque posted up high in the main hall. …keep reading

do you speak architecture?

22 October 2012


You might consider it trite, banal or even so simple that this is not worth discussing. However, we as architects (and a host of other professionals in our industry) use drawings to speak a language. …keep reading

War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing

Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing

Say it again, y’all **

Can we say this about architectural criticism? …keep reading


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