renovation alchemy

10 October 2012

It seems nowadays my role as an architect is more of an alchemist. …keep reading

Apart from discussing building codes as they relate to existing buildings, I’ve been silent about this issue up until now. …keep reading

on adding on

4 January 2012

It’s the beginning of a new year and now is the time that people begin to consider that house project they’ve put off too long. …keep reading

Building a new house?

Are you trying to build an affordable house?

Are you willing to exercise a little discipline? …keep reading

Despite the poor economy, there are still a few people who are considering investing in real estate. After many calls from excited new property owners ready to tailor their building to their hopes and dreams or make it available to the masses who are waiting to rent it, I must make a statement for your own good……………………………………….WAIT. …but keep reading

isn’t that expensive?

25 January 2011

A common phrase that comes up frequently in my work is “isn’t that expensive?” In fact it comes up often in everyday life apart from architecture, so often that it has stuck in my head and now I find myself thinking about it every time the phrase is uttered. …keep reading


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