Dear building owner, did you retain your architect’s services during construction? If the answer is no, why not?

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renovation alchemy

10 October 2012

It seems nowadays my role as an architect is more of an alchemist. …keep reading

but is it feasible?

4 April 2012


Ok, I’m taking a brief break from my typical soapbox. Actually it’s in the back getting repaired, so I thought I’d change gears and address another aspect of property purchasing started in two earlier articles. …keep reading

are you an expert?

14 September 2011

Apparently this is a popular blog topic in other disciplines, but it is still a tough question to answer as an architect. If you say no, are you just being falsely humble. If you say yes, are you that confident? …keep reading

Building a new house?

Are you trying to build an affordable house?

Are you willing to exercise a little discipline? …keep reading

Do you get your advice from experts or from your distant cousins twice removed? Do you still believe everything you hear? Now that information is simply just a few clicks of a mouse or the touch of your mobile phone away, where do you get information that is credible? …keep reading

Are you about to buy an existing commercial building, especially with the intent to make changes to it? As we stated in a past post…wait. Besides the questions one should ask that we reviewed before, there are still more. Let’s explore one more. Is the building considered an existing building? You think I’m crazy now right? Well, that may be true, but this is another important question one should find an answer to prior to signing on the dotted line. Just because you can see and feel the building, it does not mean the code agency having jurisdiction in your area considers the building to be “certified” as being existing. Weird huh?

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