Dear building owner, did you retain your architect’s services during construction? If the answer is no, why not?

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renovation alchemy

10 October 2012

It seems nowadays my role as an architect is more of an alchemist. …keep reading

but is it feasible?

4 April 2012


Ok, I’m taking a brief break from my typical soapbox. Actually it’s in the back getting repaired, so I thought I’d change gears and address another aspect of property purchasing started in two earlier articles. …keep reading

are you an expert?

14 September 2011

Apparently this is a popular blog topic in other disciplines, but it is still a tough question to answer as an architect. If you say no, are you just being falsely humble. If you say yes, are you that confident? …keep reading

Building a new house?

Are you trying to build an affordable house?

Are you willing to exercise a little discipline? …keep reading


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