I often hear from others (and shamefully myself) the phrase “y’know someone ought to ______.”

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ivory tower green

15 May 2014


I need to share some thoughts about the state of green - honestly and freely. …keep reading

it is not enough

8 May 2014


Let me share with you a recent rant contribution to a discussion that I shared with the entire First-Year student body at a group conversation among our faculty and students after final reviews. It is also relevant to us in practice too.

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Pick Me Up – What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

“Let’s build it.” …keep reading

Architecture school, in fact this whole profession requires more than natural ability and various skills with your hands. …keep reading

no regrets

1 April 2014

Noah Daddy Lake

Daily Prompt: If I could Turn Back Time

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service please

26 March 2014


Yes, most things will eventually remind me of architecture or this profession.

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