Recently I’ve culled through several emails that I’ve sent to my first-year students this semester. I noticed a pattern of statements that may sound like archi-babble to some, but were intended to encourage them in their development of a rich architectural process. keep reading…

zoning code

Please pardon the break from my esoteric soap box to address something important that comes up often in my practice. I have slipped in a few sarcastic statements if you’d like to count them – consider it a game.

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theory on theory

27 January 2014

0126141931a (1)

Do you have an opinion on architectural theory?

…keep reading

not a freelancer

21 January 2014


I am not a freelancer or a person that does freelance work. I am a sole-practitioner architect.

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Yes, I’ve been reading again; quite a bit I might add.

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new, important + wise

3 January 2014


Welcome to 2014. How did you spend your first day back at work? keep reading…


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