2014-07-12 2

My family and I just returned from a brief vacation. …keep reading

taco punk

Is it the food? The architecture? The people watching? …keep reading

rollercoaster 01

Does everything remind me of architecture? Almost, but I think no is the correct answer. Nevertheless, I had a minor revelation today as I was reading a recent popular architecture journal. …keep reading


24 April 2013

architects look up…it’s what we do …keep reading…there are pictures too

mies without words

26 March 2013

mies 02

mies 06

mies 04

mies 03

mies 05

mies 01

recent trip to the farnsworth house just west of chicago illinois

are you without words after seeing that?

mies me too.

cupcake architecture

15 July 2012

This is ultimately about architecture, so keep reading. …I said keep reading…

How do architects plan vacation trips? …keep reading


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