ivory tower green

15 May 2014


I need to share some thoughts about the state of green – honestly and freely. …keep reading

this and that

6 December 2013


How do you define architecture? What is it? What isn’t it? What distinguishes it from mere buildings?

…keep reading

take my ball and go home

11 November 2013

basketball court rainy

I was reminded last week through a local newspaper article about a sense of absolutes (i.e. my way or the highway) when it comes to new development projects in architecture. For someone who believes in absolutes, I try to find balance when it comes to my position on most issues.

…keep reading

2013-06-19 12.10.02

at times architects must visit existing buildings to investigate, measure, study and ponder before starting their work…. …keep reading

risk…any takers?

12 June 2013


First of all, what comes to mind when you hear the word risk? When we say risk, do we all define it the same? Is some risk ok, or better yet a good thing? …keep reading…

inconvenient architecture

31 December 2012


If you watch the video below of Inconvenient Space, you should find Maziar Behrooz very engaging and his talk entertaining yet poignant all the same. …keep reading…

renovation alchemy

10 October 2012

It seems nowadays my role as an architect is more of an alchemist. …keep reading


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