ask the right questions

20 October 2014


I’m interested in questions – in fact I’m more interesting in asking the right questions in any situation. …keep reading

but is it feasible?

4 April 2012


Ok, I’m taking a brief break from my typical soapbox. Actually it’s in the back getting repaired, so I thought I’d change gears and address another aspect of property purchasing started in two earlier articles. …keep reading

Over twenty years ago I set out on a personal theoretical study to design small houses. I’ll explain that study at sometime in the future. However one psychological aspect that I began to consider was what does a house look like? …keep reading

test drive it first

1 March 2012

If you’ve been hanging around my blog long enough, you know I think about things in often strange ways. …keep reading

would you rather…

…keep reading

on adding on

4 January 2012

It’s the beginning of a new year and now is the time that people begin to consider that house project they’ve put off too long. …keep reading

Still set on purchasing an existing building? …keep reading


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