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at times architects must visit existing buildings to investigate, measure, study and ponder before starting their work…. …keep reading

vacation…from what?

22 June 2012

diner, northeast pennsylvania

Ok, we’re thinking about our vacation for the year, but as usual have no definitive plans. When you’re an architect, you tend to take busman’s holidays. …keep reading


21 May 2012


Today I was downtown Pittsburgh to have lunch with a dear friend. …keep reading

home town seeing

4 October 2011

After having several posts last month that were heavy with thought provoking questions, I felt including a few photos that I have taken around my hometown of Greensburg, PA would be a respite from my normal pensive rhetoric of endeavoring to figure out this thing we call architecture. How about if we just enjoy a few nice photos today. What do you think? Do you have any interesting shots of your hometown that tell a story?

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This year, as part of our family’s annual R+R trek, we paused at Providence, Rhode Island before we headed to Maine. …keep reading


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