no time to wonder 

12 November 2014


During an interview for a new project, I met with a person who shared profound thoughts with me about whether we take time to wonder or reflect anymore. …keep reading

what we don’t need

3 November 2014


we don’t need mediocrity; we need excellence

…keep reading


I have always been fond of telling stories. In fact one of the best parts of having a conversation is listening to and telling stories. Storytelling makes conversations richer because of the emotion and anticipation involved. …keep reading


As usual, my mind associates day to day experiences with my world as an architect. I really don’t plan these things. Yet, even a trip to the phone store at the mall can remind me of analogous aspects of the profession. Call it a gift.

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If you read yesterday’s post, you discovered I am a solo practitioner architect and happy to do so right now. …keep reading

607244_26034346 I am a solo practitionerI chose that after swearing I’d never do it. …keep reading


I often hear from others (and shamefully myself) the phrase “y’know someone ought to ______.”

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